Age discrimination: how will the law change? although the vast majority of Chief Fire Officers, members, union officials, HR and diversity professional will be aware of the new legislation, very little has been done by the Fire Service and or government to promote an understanding of the changes for the staff and the general public. Hopefully this short article will give readers an appreciation of the changes.(Employment Equality)

ON OCTOBER 1 THIS YEAR THE Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 come into force. The upshot of this EU inspired law is that it will be unlawful to discriminate against workers under the age of 65 on the grounds of age.

Making someone redundant or barring workers from training or promotion because they are too old--or too young--will be illegal. As staff approach 65, all employers will have to give six months notice that the employer wants them to give up their job and retire. The employee will be allowed to request to continue working, however, employers will be able to refuse this request without giving a reason in writing.

Other conditions will include:

--The legislation does not provide protection for workers over the age of 65. Workers will have the right to request that they work beyond age 65

--Employers will have to give their staff six months notice of when they expect them to retire

--Ageist recruiting practices will be outlawed

--Employers will have to treat all workers equally when it comes to training, regardless of age. …

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