When being in a herd has an advantage: following the introduction of the National Procurement Strategy for the Fire and Rescue Service and the subsequent introduction of the Fire and Rescue Suppliers Association, one of the leading fire sector manufacturers speaks out in support of the unified approach and how, in this respect, being part of the 'herd' is essential at this time.(National Procurement)

IN THE 90S THERE WAS A BUSINESS (theory) book published titled: Uniqueness is a Red Striped Zebra. The author Neil Newton, described his theory on how businesses could become more successful.

He explained how they must become more competitive and stressed that they must 'stand out from the crowd' and differentiate themselves. The analogy he used was that if you looked at an African plain with hundreds of zebra with that familiar bold black and white pattern grazing, it is very difficult to tell where one zebra stops and the other starts--because they were all created to be indistinguishable from each other. He argued that if there was a red striped zebra with bold red stripes within the herd it would set it apart and cause it to get noticed.

The lions of 'competition' would also now notice this zebra so it must perform differently to all the others. It must zig when they zag, out-perform, out maneuver, out-wit and out do every other zebra in the herd.., or get eaten!

Survive and Prosper

In the Fire and Rescue Service market today, there exists fierce competition, the likes of which many companies have never before experienced. …

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