Call for broader view of Gold Command role: following FIRE's recent exploration of incident command roles and the requisite competencies at Bronze, Silver and Gold, Hertfordshire CFO Roy Wilsher expresses the need for a broad view of Gold Command. Having overseen operations at the Buncefield blaze, he maintains that competencies at each level support and compliment each other and should not be approached in isolation.(Incident Command)

I READ WITH INTEREST THE leadership article following interviews with managers from Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue. Of particular interest was the issue about Gold Command, interaction with the incident ground and the different competencies required.

I agree with much of the article but find recently that there seems to be a growing narrow view of Gold Command. Gold Command is more than representing the Service at the multi-agency table, helping with strategic decisions or just deciding what has to be done.

Silver and Gold Decisions

I do not agree that Silver and Gold Command have completely distinct and different competencies. There does have to be clarity of role but

the competencies complement each other and certainty did at Buncefield. …

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