FIRE finds true value of new home: FIRE magazine's recent move to Keyways Publishing represents more than a move to West Sussex. The transition gives opportunity to reflect upon what is at the centre of the current leadership and cultural change debate: values.(Viewpoint)

At the recent conference on women leaders in the Fire Service in Bristol, much was made of the organisation's values. Indeed, papers recently featured in FIRE have often referred to values and beliefs as central to cultural change.

They seem to be accepted as read; of course values are integral to the ethos of the organisation, and are regularly used as a tipping off point for those less welcome to lend weight to the retention figures. "If you do not appreciate or adhere to our values, get out."

It is not always that simple, however. FIRE has recent first-hand experience, which proved instructive for us, at least.

Coming Home

Having recently moved from a large multinational to Keyways Publishing (see opposite and pg 6) FIRE found the importance of values brought to the fore. As described, Keyways is a niche publisher of professional titles covering all the main public sectors, driven by the key principles of professionalism within each sector. …

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