New explosion-proof transmitter.(Product guide)

Ensuring the detection of combustible gases and vapours, the new Draeger PIR 3000 is a smart, explosion proof, infrared gas transmitter. Utilising the latest DraegerSensor IR technology, it offers an excellent price-performance ratio, is immune to poison and provides failsafe operation in any potentially explosive environment.

With a long expected lifetime of over 15 years and offering reduced maintenance costs, this flexible transmitter is designed to detect methane, propane and ethylene. Each of these potential hazards is listed in a single internal gas library and can be changed easily and at any time via a magnetic wand.

Incorporating a universal 4 to 20 mA interface, the PIR 3000 can be connected to any 4 to 20mA control system, such as the Draeger REGARD, and features an unmistakable 1mA fault signal. …

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