Training system prepare responders for disasters.(Product guide)

Environmental Tectonics Corporation (AMEX: ETC) has recently announced the latest Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS) product, ADMS-COMMAND.

ADMS-COMMAND is an entry-level, modular ADMS system developed for emergency response agencies with limited training space or other financial or operational restrictions. ADM S-COM MAN D uses the same proven technology used in the full, multi-station ADMS-TEAM system, but in a more adaptable and flexible configuration.

Affordable and Expandable

ADMS-COMMAND is a single laptop-based training simulator, which is expandable into a team training system with the purchase of additional stations. Students can train and practice on their own or team with a training officer to develop emergency problem-solving capabilities through demanding stressful situations where results are derived solely by the student's decisions. …

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