Five years on: lessons after 9/11: one of the UK's leading experts on emergency management speaks to FIRE about the findings of her fellowship study on the aftermath of 9/11, including the preparedness and training for first responders and community support following disasters.

DR ANNE EYRE, A CONSULTANT in emergency management, has just returned from a month's fellowship to the United States where she met with representatives of New York's Fire Department and other organisations which responded after the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001.

Five years after the disaster, the aim of her fellowship was to learn lessons for community support after disasters, including the practical implications for preparing and training first responders in relation to current risks and future threats.

Funded by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, her travels took her to New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. She held discussions with over 40 people, all of whom had been directly involved in responding to disasters, particularly with regard to the care and support of those directly affected.

As well as New York's Fire Department, she met representatives from New York's various police departments, emergency managers and mental health professionals. …

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