Pioneering fire group spreads like wildfire: travelling faster than a man can run wildfires pose huge potential risks to rural livelihoods, important ecological habitats and to the firefighters that tackle them. In Northumberland a pioneering network has been formed to respond to the serious threat of moorland and rural fires.(Wildfires)


Group now has 20 members brought together from diverse organisations across the county who have an interest in preventing wildfires.

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service along with the Ministry of Defence, Forestry Enterprise, National Gamekeepers Organisation, Northwoods, English Nature and National Parks are just some of the members who are committed to reducing the devastating impact of moorland and rural fires in Northumberland. Land and forest owners and land managers from both the public and private sector are also key members of the Fire Group.

Tackling the Rising Risk of Wildfire

Wildfire is a growing problem not just in Northumberland but right across the UK. Longer, hotter summers and drier winters combined with increased access to the countryside for leisure activities has increased the risk of large, rural wildfires occurring. Northumberland is at particular risk due to the huge areas of forest and moorland which make up the county's interior; an example being Kielder Forest which consists of over 40,000 hectares and is the largest commercially planted woodland area in Europe.

Having identified wildfire as a significant risk Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service acknowledged that it was lacking in the necessary skills and equipment required to manage this type of fire and urgent action was needed. …

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