Drop the deadwood and find the focus: this month's FIRE continues the leadership debate by drawing attention to the essential ingredient: focus. We ask: What is the purpose? What do you really want? For what reason are you doing this? And most importantly: What does the public get out of it?(Viewpoint)

As the leadership debate continues, I find it increasingly difficult to agree with much that has been said. In fact such is the strength of my disagreement I am almost inclined to pen a letter to the editor.

However, there is a picture beginning to emerge through the fog of misdirection and misinterpretation--that is the need to focus on the issues that matter. If one casts off the shackles of unrealistic expectations and focus on what is truly best for the public, there can be rapid progress. When that focus is lost, strikes and conflict ensue.


In business it is referred to as the 80/20 rule: 20 per cent of employees produce 80 per cent of the results. So it could well be that if we focus on the 20 per cent that is most relevant, central to the debate, that can make all the difference. …

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