September 1931.(Looking back)

* In a long and detailed article (about six pages long) Mr AG Webb outlines what he considers to be basic hydraulics for firemen. Mr Webb states: "I have detected a lack of basic understanding of simple hydraulics even amongst some officers."

* Croydon Fire Brigade has recently commissioned a new fire station to be built in Lower Addiscombe Road at a cost of 20,000 [pounds sterling]. The station at South Norwood, close to the proposed site is to be closed.

* Mr R Patterson has recently retired from the command of Sunderland Fire Brigade. As a retirement present Mr Patterson has been presented with a Chesterfield suite of furniture.

* Alderman A Stark, Chairman of Hull Fire Brigade Committee declared recently: "If the medical officer were to do his duty, the houses which our firemen are living would be condemned and demolished. …

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