Interactive, real-time disaster practice: ADMS has developed a new system called ADMS-TEAM which will rollout in a medium-sized fire and rescue service soon. FIRE was keen to uncover more on these developments.(Simulation Training)

AS NEW TERROR PLOTS WERE uncovered in mid-August, awareness of our collective vulnerabilities again heightened. What if the plots had not been discovered in time? Could future terror acts result in large-scale disasters in highly-populated sites? How prepared are we to deal with man-made disasters?

Environmental Tectonics Corporation is soon to announce installation of the latest Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS) product, ADMS-TEAM, in a medium-sized Fire Rescue Service in the UK. It is a multi-station, immersion-training system that interacts in real time with disaster team leaders, reacting to the participants' inputs and changing as they adapt to the unfolding scenario. This was developed initially for supervisory level crew and watch manager. The second phase, middle manager, is now being installed and will target station and group managers, allowing both bronze and silver level training, separately or simultaneously. ADMS-TEAM can also be used as a multi-agency trainer.

ADMS-TEAM may be too ambitious a budget item for some jurisdictions or for an introductory simulation product; but a typical competing "tabletop" application is severely limited in its capabilities and thus its usefulness. With a tabletop exercise or "computer game" there is no accurate means of recording the process through which the student proceeds; there is no means of replaying scenarios. Typical tabletop applications are highly-scripted; role-playing is thus highly-limited, and highly-predictable.

Addressing these limitations and drawbacks for individual-station use, ADMS-COMMAND (a single-station system) was developed, and will have its official worldwide introduction in the UK at the Fire Show show in Shropshire, in November. …

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