Knights of the Round Table: firefighting is a demanding job that takes courage and stamina as well as physical strength, but one firefighter from Canterbury has learnt that teaching fire safety courses and holding lectures can require just as much courage and determination.(Round Table)

JO SYMONS, 41, HAS WORKED AS a firefighter for Kent Fire and Rescue Service for 24 years but before joining Round Table it was audiences not flames that really got him worried.

He said: "Of course being a firefighter is full on, but there are other times when you're not dealing with disasters but holding fire safety seminars with groups of office workers or mothers groups. I used to get nervous and didn't have much confidence but Round Table has taught me so many valuable skills, like how to address an audience and hold their attention without boring them half to sleep."

Round Table is an international male organisation that was set up in Norwich in 1927. Its original aims were to allow men to get "round a table" to work out ways in which to help their local communities. …

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