Sea rescue exercise for East Sussex fire crews: firefighters from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFRS) were air-lifted on to a cross-channel ferry in order to test how they would handle an emergency fire on board.(Special Services)

FIRE CREWS FROM NEWHAVEN and Barcombe fire stations were taken by helicopter to the ship about one mile from Newhaven port, en route to France. Nine firefighters, part of the recently formed Maritime Incident Response Group, were lowered onto the ferry and were faced with a 'simulated' fire on the car deck.

Before the ferry left the port, firefighters had positioned a vehicle on the car deck which would be used in the mock-up incident. Large smoke generators were also brought on board to smoke-tog the car deck. This smoke set off the ship's fire detection system and the captain sent a mayday call to the Coastguard. A helicopter carrying the firefighters was immediately mobilised. …

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