Testing a regional response at Goodwood: how would you test an effective regional response to the following scenario? Alight aircraft sprays a white chemical over a crowd of spectators at the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit. Within a short time, the victims' reactions range from skin irritation to breathing difficulties and vomiting.(Special Services)

JOHN O'BRIEN, NEW Dimension Regional Planner at the Government Office for the South East, spoke to the Fire and Rescue Service about the background to this scenario, which formed the basis for Exercise CanAm held at Goodwood last year.

Multi-Agency Exercise

CanAm was planned from the start as a multi-agency exercise, which would test the regional response to a chemical incident, in conjunction with mass decontamination procedures. The key regional players were two fire and rescue services (FRS)--West Sussex and Hampshire--together with Sussex Police, Sussex Ambulance Service, West Sussex County Council and the Environment Agency.

Each partner had a range of individual as well as shared objectives. …

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