Impoved communication: industry view on ICP: the ICP, although now formally subsumed into FiReBuy as a national initiative, has its genesis prior to the development of the National Procurement Strategy. As such, therefore, it is an adopted project as opposed to one that has been fully under FiReBuy control from the outset.(ICP)

Industry criticisms that have been levelled towards the ICP reflect this rather difficult start and FIRESA members have expressed concerns regarding this critical project which affects both the PPE and clothing supply sector and, of course, the fire and rescue services. Members have cited through FIRESA's ICP Position Statement of earlier this year a lack of clarity, failure to engage effectively with industry and insufficient communication during the processes to date.

In presenting these concerted industry views, FIRESA has sought to instigate an honest and constructive dialogue that addresses earlier deficiencies and assists in steering a course for the project under the auspices of FiReBuy that achieves a fully workable solution. …

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