Primacy of partnerships and transparency: this month our columnist calls for closer partnership working in pay negotiations, questions key worker pay scales, applauds Sir Ken's Knighthood and has a last pop at Prescott.(The Mike Fordham Column)

"Industrial Relations are not the dirty words some suggest. Employers and trade unions reaching agreement on matters affecting employment should always be preferable to unrest. The future should be partnership and not conflict"

Key workers missing out

Any government initiative to improve the availability of good housing should be applauded and it is certainly impressive in the area where I live to see the large number of new developments that include housing for 'key workers'.

It does though raise the question as to why a society that considers itself to be developed has to make such a specific provision for its 'key workers'. Why is it that we pay our 'key workers' so badly that they cannot afford housing in the areas where they work and where they actually provide the public services upon which we all rely?

These 'key workers' include health workers, police, firefighters, teachers and social workers. …

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