Raison D'etre--the facts: the requirement for UKRO provision is undeniable. With an ever increasing number of varied rescues taking place there is a profound need for education and investment in an effort to both reduce overall rescues and ensure that those rescues which do take place are of the highest professional standard.(Raison D'etre)

The UKRO will help fire services in the UK meet these challenges and will provide an arena where skill levels can be assessed and maintained by some of the top professionals in the world.

Current government information highlights that in some areas, although accident rates are decreasing over time, the proportion of killed or severely injured is not decreasing at the same rate. One key role of the UKRO is to ensure that, in conjunction with the UK government, our education and road safety partnerships support and direct the reduction of accidents on our roads, and those accidents which do occur result in an increased casualty survival rate.

Reducing road deaths is something which the UKRO and it's stakeholders are influencing and determined to achieve. …

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