RIP cigarettes would save ten lives a year in Scotland: SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell has called for the implementation of a new fire safety law that would require all cigarettes sold in Scotland to be Reduced Ignition Potential (RIP) cigarettes.(Fire-Safe Cigarettes)

ACCORDING TO THE LATEST FIRE death statistics in Scotland, 30 out of the 76 domestic fire deaths in the country in 2004 were attributable to cigarettes or other tobacco products, making fires started by cigarettes the biggest single killer. Research from the USA also shows that 90 per cent of cigarette fires are caused by a smoldering cigarette.

Strathclyde ACO Keith MacGillivray recently stated: "Fire-safe cigarettes would dramatically reduce fire deaths in Scotland and the association [CFOA] calls on the Scottish Executive to introduce legislation to that effect."

The FBU, Scotland, have also backed Stewart Maxwell's campaign, saying: "For too long, too many people have been 'dying for a fag'! Stewart Maxwell's initiative will constitute a huge advance in fire safety and will serve to make a significant reduction in Scotland's atrocious fire deaths record."

Speaking before his debate in the Scottish Parliament on the issue, Mr Maxwell said: "The simple fact is that introducing fire-safe cigarettes in Scotland would save lives. …

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