Charged with (no) intent to supply: the Integrated Clothing Project.(ICP)

The Fire and Rescue Suppliers Association--takes a vehement stance on the developments of the ICP and the lack of consultation up to this point in time. The following is the official position statement for the association

FIRESA position statement

FIRESA includes a number of member companies engaged in supply of PPE and clothing equipment to the fire and rescue services and who, therefore, have an active interest and involvement in the Integrated Clothing Project.

Our understanding of the ICP is that it was at its inception in 2000 a London-based initiative although a number of other brigades were aware of the project. In the period around 2002, the DTI and then the ODPH assumed management of the project, leading to the launch of the ICP in July 2003 at an event attended by some 20-30 UK and overseas companies. Pre-qualification completed by around 12 companies took place in August 2003 with four companies now remaining formally engaged.

Having taken the views of the interested FIRESA membership, a number of comments and concerns have emerged on the process of the ICP, which are summarised below.

FIRESA Views on the ICP

There was no industry briefing or consultation prior to the ICP launch in July 2003, hence the project was effectively presented as a 'fait accompli' at that time. …

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