Devon and Somerset partnership: latest developments in the Service have led to more partnerships being created, to utilise and share resources and save time and resources. One such example is the collaboration between Devon and Somerset fire and rescue services.(Partnership)

THE DEMANDS ON THE MODERN Fire and Rescue Service have grown significantly in recent years and continue to do so. The government's modernisation agenda, and the rising expectations of the post 9/11 world, stretches the capacity of all emergency services. Devon Fire and Rescue Service and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service are no different in this regard where, to varying degrees, both organisations suffer from capacity constraints which limit both continuous improvement, the pace of change and value for money.

Somerset Fire and Rescue Service is a small organisation delivering services to a predominantly rural county. Whilst gaining benefit from being part of a county council it, nevertheless, suffers severe capacity constraints that limit its ability to meet the demands of modernisation. Considerable additional financial investment would be necessary to enable real progress to be made and such investment is not available from a multi-functional authority that has to balance competing demands across a range of public services.

Devon Fire and Rescue Service is, in fire and rescue service terms, a comparatively large organisation delivering services across a diverse range of urban and rural communities. …

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