Resurgence in fire protection industry.(News)

Twenty-three of the UK's 100 largest fire protection companies are leading a resurgence in the industry, according to a new study by industry analysts Plimsoll Publishing Ltd.

The top 100 companies enjoy a dominant position in the market, accounting for 93 per cent of the total fire protection sector, up from 88 per cent four years ago. As a group, they are gaining more control of the market. Yet look within these leading players and it is clear that a minority of 23 companies are responsible for this tightening grip.

As an example of their success over the last four years, these 23 companies have established a strong hold on the market.

* In the last four years sales have increased by 52 per cent

* In the last four years profits have improved 298 per cent

* In the last four years staff levels have increased by 12 per cent. …

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