Breathe in more airtime for users.(Product guide)

Bringing a new level of safety to airline users, said a spokesperson, the new Draeger Automatic Switch Over Valve (ASOV) enables users to connect compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA) to an external air supply, such as a factory ring main. Should the external supply fail, this innovative valve will then automatically, and without interruption, switch the air supply to the back-up CABA.

Designed for use in those applications where a continuous flow of breathing air is essential, the ASOV is connected between the output of the CABA first stage pressure reducer and lung demand valve, and is attached to the primary airline supply by an additional input connection. If this primary air source fails, or the input pressure drops below the ASOV's switching pressure of four to five bar, the valve will automatically switch over and an alarm will sound to alert the user. …

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