Life, law and business: the importance of communicating changes to business and commerce was emphasised at the Fire Extinguishing Trades Association Annual Conference held in Coventry. Over 100 members heard the latest on the progress of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.(Seminar Report)

OVER 100 FETA MEMBERS took the opportunity to gain an insight on the new fire safety regime which will affect every commercial operation in England and Wales as they gathered at the Windmill Village Hotel in Coventry on December 1.

Andy Jack, Head of Fire Safety Legislation Branch, ODPM, explained that the legislation taking the form of an Order was a means of speeding up the parliamentary process and that. "It has as much force of law behind it as if it was an Act". He spoke of the importance of communicating the changes to business and commerce so that employers are aware of their specific duty of care responsibilities under the new Order.

He highlighted the series of publicity roadshows which have been set up as a prime example of how the message is being communicated. He also spoke of the Order's recognition of the continuing role that first aid firefighting equipment will play in reducing fire losses, citing risk reduction, mitigation, and assistance to others, as well as protecting means of escape, as the main areas on which the Order focuses in this respect. …

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