The Fire Service case for diversity: the business, moral and legal cases for diversity are often used to exert pressure on fire and rescue services, underpinned with fear of legislative enforcement. In a huge leap forward, diversity champions in the FRS are now working on the 'Service Case'.(Diversity)

THE UK IS A MULTICULTURAL society with a variety of demands and needs to which public services are expected to respond.

It is important that all public services have staff for all sections of the community who appreciate the breadth and depth of community needs and can help to develop appropriate services.

This can only be achieved effectively when staff comes from a variety of backgrounds and from the widest possible pool of talent. Such an approach encourages creativity and stimulates innovation in how organisations approach their delivery of services to the public. We would argue that is broadly the Service Case.

The Fire Service have recognised the need to develop a business case for many years. References have been made for the need to develop a case in a number of past reports, in particular the CFOA document, Are We Serious? and Jagtar Singh's Brigade Command Course paper, Making a Difference. The Diversity Happens Board accepted that this was an important issue and in 2005 agreed to start work on developing the case after the Core Values works was completed. …

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