Foam supplier's speedy response to Buncefield blaze: responding quickly following a catastrophic explosion at the Buncefieid oil depot, the Angus Fire Emergency Service supplied a huge quantity of foam concentrate to help fire crews extinguish fires in 20 hydrocarbon storage tanks.(Oil Depot Inferno)

THE ANGUS FIRE EMERGENCY SERVICE was activated immediately on receiving notification from Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service at 0705 on Sunday, December 11. Within a few hours the company despatched emergency foam stocks from its facility at Bentham, North Yorkshire, by road tanker under full police escort.

Over subsequent days the Angus Fire Emergency Service transported additional foam stocks to support firefighters at the scene. All told, the company supplied more than half a million litres of foam, mostly Angus Fire FP70.

Angus Fire's Martin Hough, who was on site at Buncefield, and Gary Godfrey, co-ordinated foam supplies and provided technical assistance. …

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