Mainframe for perfect project delivery: following the Fire Minister's offer to listen to suggestions, FIRE proposes a radical overhaul of the consultative framework, focusing on an independent project development board to ensure appropriate delivery of modernisation.(Viewpoint)

Speaking candidly to FIRE (see pg 16), Fire Minister Jim Fitzpatrick expressed his willingness to listen to opinions on consultative arrangements, reviewing, as the ODPM promised, the consultative framework mechanism.

FIRE believes this is a great opportunity to ensure progress is continued apace without repeating the mistakes made in almost every project so far. Co-ordination, collaboration and co-operation between projects key words the Minister referred to several times ^ have often been absent. What has also been absent is a unified, clear voice, giving definitive direction. And that is from both directions.

"I'm getting conflicting messages", he told me, with some organisations saying it is better than ever before, and others saying it WAS better before.

Of course the Fire and Rescue Service will forever have divergent views, as is healthy, but this can clog up the machinery of progress, and more importantly, clarity of purpose. …

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