Regulatory Reform: first special report: the first report on the RRO has been published by the ODPM. The following are some of the extracts.(News)

As a matter of urgency, the Cabinet Office should retrospectively assess the estimates of costs and benefits that have previously been submitted to the House for each RRO with a view to establishing whether or not the estimated savings have been realised and that, if the savings cannot be validated, the Cabinet Office should investigate why and suggest how the RIA process or the delivery of benefits itself could be improved, says the ODPM.

The ODPM reaffirms the recommendation of its predecessor committee that departments should be assessed on their progress in removing unnecessary regulations and controls and not simply on their progress in simplifying measures.

* Given the range of views expressed in the consultation submissions, and in the interests of completeness, the ODPM considers that the individual submissions be published on the BRE website alongside its brief summary.

* The ODPM invites the House to consider whether the Part 1 of the Bill should be amended to reserve further specified areas from the scope of the new powers (and, if so, to identify the areas to be reserved).

* The ODPM recommends that Part 1 of the Bill should be amended to provide scope for an effective veto, on the following basis:

* First, during the preliminary period for procedural consideration, it should be possible--for either House of Parliament by resolution, or for the relevant committee of either House charged with reporting on the order by recommendation (if not rejected by House resolution), not only to vary the Minister's recommended procedure on a given draft order, but also to determine that the Part One procedure should not apply to it at all

* Secondly, if that determination has been made, no further draft order to the same effect (or to the same effect but for modifications) should be laid within two years of the determination date. …

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