Self extinguishing cigarrettes put to the test; a recent ODPM report compared the propensity of fire safe cigarettes and conventional cigarettes to ignite textile materials used in a domestic environment.(News)

The purpose of this programme of work was to undertake comparative cigarette ignition tests on a range of textile and related materials used in domestic furnishing that is available at the lower price end of the UK market.

Each test sample was subjected to one type of UK typical mass market, "low cost" cigarette and two types of USA Fire Safe Cigarettes, claimed to be of Reduced Ignition Potential (RIP). By incorporating repeat testing a statistically based comparison of the likelihood of ignition of the chosen test samples by each of the three types of cigarette was determined.

The test materials were selected from new materials available at the low price end of the U K market. The selection was divided into different groups of materials as follows.

Group one materials

These were textile furnishing materials that are used alone or in contact with other furnishing materials. They were chosen so as to contain at least a significant proportion of cellulose fibre (usually cotton) so that there was a likelihood of combustion with current UK cigarettes. …

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