Managing strategic performance conference 2006: the focus this year at the Alexander Consulting Strategic Management Conference was on practicalities. We frequently use phrases like "performance management", "strategic priorities" and "vision" but often the reality is different to the theory.(Seminar Report)

THE FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE speakers provided an honest account about how their organisations have been using performance management techniques to improve their services.

There were a few re-occurring themes. First, it is not an easy task; in fact "painful" described the process for some. Second, managing change is not just a CPA tick box to fulfil; it is about doing the right thing to genuinely improve your organisations performance and achieve its goals. Third Prioritise. Speakers and delegates admitted to having far too many plans and objectives in their organisations.

Next communicate well; staff, stakeholders, the community all need to understand what is happening and how they fit into it. …

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