Challenges for training and development: further to the Assistant Chief's analysis on the impact of change, Lothian and Borders' Training Manager details what they are currently doing.(Operations and Training)

Vocational Qualifications

I remember, on a good few occasions hearing the phrase 'and the vocational qualification will fall out of the assessment process.' The only thing that fell over was me trying to put into place an assessment and verification structure to support vocational qualifications. I know that many training and development managers feel the same way.

It is not all gloom though. Some births can be painful and reflecting on the changes necessary for the introduction of vocational qualifications I would now say that it has been worth the effort. For what we had before was not a system that best identified training and development needs, rather it was a process that allowed a trainee to team by rote, how to perform ladder and hose drills under the watchful eye of a station commander (old money).

The recruits that really had difficulties in developing the skills necessary for the firefighter rote could still pass this process easily. …

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