Fire safe UK: a quantum leap in community protection: an ambitious and far-reaching move to fit every home in Britain with a low-cost sprinkler system was the vision espoused at a recent parliamentary seminar. It marked a seismic shift in fire protection thinking in this country and received universal approval. Can the UK really become the fire safest place on earth?(Sprinkler Safety)

COMMON GOALS--SHARED systems was the theme for the National Fire Sprinkler Network parliamentary seminar sponsored by the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group and supported by the Federation of British Fire Organisations. Held at the House of Commons on February 6 the event was a landmark for fire protection in the UK as the major stakeholders in the Fire Service came together to embrace the proposal for low-cost sprinklers to be fitted in every domestic property in the UK. An ambitious, unprecedented move that would place the UK as the most progressive fire safety location in the world.

Campaigner's View: Where there's a will ...

Heading the campaign was long-serving fire campaigner, the BBC's Nick Ross. He told delegates: "This could be an historic meeting--but that depends on you."

Pointing to the huge success of his road traffic deaths campaign, which reduced casualties from 6,000 a year to 3,417, he appealed for a similar approach. "Why don't we do it with fire? We don't accept or tolerate plane crashes or major disasters such as Ladbroke Grove. But we do accept fire deaths Fire victims are not political--they have to die together But they're lonely deaths--normally the working class, poor, deprived ..."

Factors for a successful campaign, he stressed, were: 1) the ambition, 2) the rationale and fire engineering solutions, 3) the resources to implement the changes.

"The ambition is there" he suggested, "but the targets for reducing deaths and injuries are not radical enough. …

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