The Mike Fordham column: in the second part of a bi-monthly column, former FBU Assistant General Secretary Mike Fordham comments on all things FIRE.

Challenge to the ODPM, CFOA, the FBU ...

This month Fordham calls for comment from the relevant stakeholder bodies, appealing for them to appreciate what could be achieved if they work together on a common agenda

1) Grandparents

It was a little worrying as a new grandparent to find that my 'friends' in the ODPM had recently taken a policy decision which further demonstrated the lack of the government's priority towards the 'elderly'. Although I am still waiting for my xmas card from them, I understand that its theme would have been the 12 days of Christmas. On the first day I would have been advised to check the Christmas tree lights conformed to British Standards and on the fifth day not to overload sockets etc. But it was only on the 12th day that I would have been advised to take time to check on elderly relatives and neighbours.

2) Publicity

Have you noticed that since ministers published statistics showing the number of successful rescues firefighters are making, there seems to have been a change in the press and publicity policy in quite a few brigades? …

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