Service must protect hard of hearing.(Product guide)

Fire and rescue services must provide life-saving smoke alarms that comply with the new British Standard Institution, (BSI), specification to deaf and hard of hearing people, urges RNID, the largest charity representing the nine million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK.

A staggering third of people with a hearing loss say they would have difficulty waking up to a conventional smoke alarm, especially since hearing aids are taken out at night. Almost a quarter (23 per cent) say they would struggle to know if the alarm went off during the day.

Earlier this year, BSI published a national standard on smoke alarms for deaf people. Smoke alarms that comply with the important new standard must have a flashing light, standard audio alert and a vibrating pad, which is placed under the mattress or pillow to shake the user awake when the alarm detects smoke. …

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