Blue lights unite through shared understanding: an Inter-agency Liaison Officer with Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service explains how police, fire and ambulance have come together to improve understanding of each others' functions at major incidents, ensuring joint working relationships can continue to improve.(Multi-Agency Initiative)

HERTFORDSHIRE FIRE AND RESCUE Service has established a small team of Inter-agency Liaison Officers (ILOs) based on the Multi Agency Initial Assessment Team (MAIAT) initiative trialled in London. As a county fire service we could not obviously devote the same amount of resources as a large metropolitan brigade to the initiative, but what we have set up fulfils the same functions and is now working very well for us.

Blue Light Roles

For those unfamiliar with the concept of ILOs, perhaps a very brief explanation of the role would be useful. The role of an ILO is first and foremost to ensure the safety of Fire Service personnel by acting as a tactical advisor to the incident commander and operate mainly at the 'Silver' Level In fulfilling that role they can also contribute to keeping other agency personnel safe by providing good risk assessment and advice in areas that may not have been considered by the other agencies. …

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