Boost in business pledge by Firebuy: a seminar for Fire and Rescue Suppliers Association (FIRESA) members was held recently, regarding the National Procurement Strategy and Firebuy, in which the possibility of a global market was touted.(Seminar Report)

AN INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME to the seminar was provided by David Chisnall, Chair of FIRESA, who was then followed by David Bonnet, Operations Director of the ABFT who spoke on behalf of the Secretariat.

Terry Brewer, Interim Chief Executive--Firebuy, outlined the agenda for his presentation on Firebuy and the National Procurement Strategy. He outlined the current position of Firebuy and its structure, with the National Procurement Board sitting alongside FIRESA and the Firebuy board above it. Firebuy is to be established as a company limited by guarantee, likely to be an NDPB from Apdt 3, 2006 and funded by ODPM and other bodies subject to discussions in the future. Fire and rescue authorities will remain involved as guarantors with Firebuy as a company.

National Procurement Strategy (NPS)

The National Procurement Strategy was launched at FIRE 2005 under a three-year plan which encompasses such projects as:

* ICE vehicles and operational response equipment;

* CFOA-PFI fire stations/helicopters;

* Bluelight database;

* Fireground radios;

* Smoke alarms;

* Insurance;

* Risk programme;

* Manual handling;

* Disposal services agency; and

* Multigyms/fitness equipment. …

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