No more heroes anymore: following the latest round of Fire Service tributes, FIRE finally decides to act and record every word of praise heaped upon firefighters. Starting with 'benign neglect', ending with being 'listened to'--one can but hope.(Viewpoint)

Name Dropping

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott was spot on when he remarked to me that we all talk about what we do, but the difference with firefighters is that they go out and do it, time and again. In the instance he was talking about the UK response to the Pakistan earthquake and the memorable media coverage of the numerous rescues (see pg 24 for full report). I said that what was even more remarkable and apparently overlooked was the enormous benefit the blanket media coverage had afforded, as the British public is making a massive response to the relief operation. He didn't really catch that as I'd waffled on and he'd moved off to talk to someone else, but I'd made my point, at least to myself.

Spin to Win

At time of writing he is similarly supportive in the House of Commons, the day after the oil refinery explosion, as he pays tribute to the emergency response thus far. Fire Minister Jim Fitzpatrick--who was similarly respectful at the aforementioned official reception--sits beside him, getting a feel for the front bench. …

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