Looking back.


* Britain's Fire Service was again brought into a strike situation when the firemen's representatives were told that instead of the 18.8 per cent pay increase expected in line with the agreement that brought to an end the nine week strike that started in November 1977, the employers were prepared to offer only six per cent.

* The CACFOA issued a statemen t which stated: 'Members will carry out duties to the best of their abilities, but this will be done in an atmosphere of sympathy with the firemen for the deplorable manner in which their pay agreement has been handled'.

* The Daily Mirror editorial stated: '... the agreement for ending the 1977 strike included an agreement to prevent the firemen from failing down the pay ladder again. This in turn making certain that lives were never again put at risk by a fire service strike. By deliberately breaking the firemen's agreement the government have revived that risk'.

* From the Sun newspaper editorial: '. …

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