Air traffic control systems: maintaining critical national air traffic systems.(Company Profile)(Advertisement)

The world's first full-service provider of dedicated Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems, Thales offers customers unrivalled expertise, resources and product flexibility in areas that range from communication and navigation to Air Traffic Control and support. No other company is able to provide seamless gate-to-gate coverage from departure to arrival, and with over 50 years experience in the Civil Aviation Market, installing ATM Systems in more than 170 countries, we now have the largest base of ATM equipment in the world. Continual research and a close understanding of the needs of each specific project keep us at the forefront of ATM technology.


There are few environments as complex and challenging to a systems, designer as a commercial airport. From car parks and passenger ID systems, to in-flight management technologies, emergency services communications equipment and navigation and landing systems there are hundreds of human and technical components which need to work perfectly for the airport to function at all. Vitally, each of these elements has to work together, safely, securely and reliably at all times, whether during day-to-day operations or in time of crisis.

Every project requires a different scale or combination of system elements. …

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