Triumph over adversity: disaster city rocks this year's FIRE show: Disaster City--the world's first theatre-style demonstration of Fire and Rescue Service response to a series of terrorist attacks in an urban centre--proved hugely successful as hundreds of visitors and delegates viewed the unique spectacle.(Disaster City)

THE DISASTER CITY ZONE at this year's Fire Show proved to be the main attraction as exhibitors, visitors and delegates mingled with operational firefighters, officers and USAR technicians throughout the two days. Four performances of Disaster City were enacted by crews from Avon and Greater Manchester fire and rescue services, with documentary footage provided by the Fire Service College at its exceptional USAR training rig.

Avon DCFO Jerry O'Brien provided the commentary on the strategic command function, relaying messages from the incident command unit, parked adjacent to the stage. A plasma screen gave media updates and interior footage of the rescue operations.

Greater Manchester's DO Peter Stevenson provided a running commentary on the USAR operations as crews first rescued a casualty using a dirty breach, followed by another extrication using a clean breach. …

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