Fire service response: is our property in peril?(Seminar Report)

As the emphasis on life safety reduces property protection to a footnote in the regulatory framework, a seminar sponsored by the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group at the Houses of Parliament on November 14, raised concerns from insurers and owners about the adequacy of Fire Service response and the necessity for fire engineering at design stage

SMALLER INITIAL ATTENDANCE, slower initial attendance and reduction in attendance to false alarms were some of the concerns about Fire and Rescue Service response expressed by Tesco Stores Senior Fire and Petroleum Risk Manager Mark Tutton. "You call our stores low risk," he told delegates, including many principal officers, "because they are. And because of that we expect a low risk response ... yet when we have a fire, we are seen as high risk but we see defensive firefighting and high losses."

A Multi-National Perspective

Mr Tutton explained that this was the perception coming from the eight-strong team of fire safety advisors working for Tesco. …

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