Deliberating on disaster: fear and loathing, in Westminster: if you like your steak rare, the wine ruby red and the conversation polite but provocative, FIRE invites readers to pull up a chair, take a seat and join the debate.(Viewpoint)

Last month FIRE deliberated upon selling risk management to a largely disinterested general public, prone to bouts of media infused apathy. This month we could play it safe and wax lyrical on the rights and wrongs of shifting shift systems, striking whilst the iron's hot, and the odds on a national radio network for the Fire and Rescue Service matching that of the other emergency services!

FIRE however is seldom entranced by the obvious; rather embroiled in the ever alluring dance of consultation and communication and its infinite variations. BlackWatch is similarly obsessed, although he is gainfully employed tracking the (alleged) waning Power of the Prime Minister. FIRE, which only feels the firm hand of Power when occasionally lapsing to acerbic rant, concentrates exclusively on the--relatively-speaking--tiny village of fire. …

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