Female and male ~ footwear hygiene and serviceable fire boots: Jolly Scarpe spa.(Advertisement)

Fire Fighters boots from Jolly Scarpe spa are the most developed and innovative in the European market place, leaving the competitors struggling in their wake.

Where all the Fire boot manufacturers are still using steel toe caps, steel anti perforation soles, cheaper materials, not to mention copying Jolly styles, Jolly have now fully distanced themselves from this old and heavy technology.

For the last 2 years, Jolly has worked with and listened closely to the UK fire service to develop the next generation of Fire Fighter boots, which includes purpose designed Female and Male boots, suitable for the evolving needs of the future UK fire fighter.

The range includes the very first class 2 Chainsaw, cut resistant fire boot, plus the exciting 9006 style which has the clever removable Goretex liner system. …

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