Rebar cutting is simplified by Ogura tools: a simple yet powerful and effective bar cutter has proved of great benefit to USAR teams.(Disaster City Exhibitors)

EQUIPMENT FOR USE IN COLLAPSED building rescue has developed rapidly in recent years. In the wake of a depressing number of disasters; both man made and natural not only has equipment improved but so has the techniques and training available to firefighters, specialist USAR teams and NGOs.

Despite this increased expertise, the cutting of Rebar to assist in collapsed building entry and for void clearing with the structure has always proved awkward. Reciprocating saws and grinders along with hacksaws and bolt croppers have up to recently been the only solution.

Now Vimpex Rescue and Ogura have teamed up to bring to the UK the 0RC19 rebar cutter. Capable of cutting 19 mm rebar up to 70 times on one 18V volt battery, the 0RC19 completely changes the way rebar is tackled in collapsed building and confined space rescue. …

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