Excelerate Technology--your total resilience partner: at the scene of a major incident or disaster, communication within and between the emergency services is vital to ensure that operations run smoothly and safely. In addition, communication channels or networks to the outside world, are crucial so information can be viewed, shared and downloaded whenever necessary.(Disaster City Exhibits)

EXCELERATE TECHNOLOGY provides that two-way link, regardless of time and location and in spite of any circumstances or situations thrown up by any emergency.

The Chettenham based company's reputation as a supplier to the Fire, Police and Ambulance Services has been growing over the past few years, providing transportable satellite broadband Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions to Incident Control Units (ICUs) across the UK and into Europe.

Put simply, this will mean that any operator in an ICU, at any emergency in any part of the country will be able to view, access and download incident critical information as if sitting at a workstation at headquarters. All this happens via satellite and within minutes of a dick of a mouse button when arriving at an incident. …

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