Dummies for disasters: Ruth Lee Ltd now manufactures a wide range of fire and rescue equipment, including the market leading, rescue training dummies.The range has evolved after years of research and development to offer an extremely durable rescue dummy that can safely be used in situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for human volunteers.(Disaster City Exhibitors)

USED BY FIRE AND RESCUE services worldwide (100 per cent of the UK fire services), military personnel and all other emergency services, they are perfect for simulating rescues from height, confined spaces, static and fast flowing water or extrication from vehicles and collapsed buildings.

The range includes:

* Water rescue

* Flame retardant

* Weights from 5-70Kg

* General purpose

* Large animal

The company can now supply two styles of water rescue dummy--man overboard and search and rescue. The man overboard dummy was developed in conjunction with the British Navy, they are highly conspicuous and are supplied with bright orange overalls and reflective tape on the headband; they will be used by the Navy to practice man overboard recovery techniques. …

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