Toxic industrial chemicals as weapons: worldwide terror attacks such as the recent bomb attacks in Madrid and London have led to an increased need to be prepared for terrorist chemical threats.

Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICS) can be Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA)

Industry manufactures hundreds of TICs. Chlorine gas is found in large quantities at many water treatment facilities yet has also been used as a CWA. Phosgene gas was used extensively as a CWA in World War I, however, it continues to be used in many chemical processes. CWAs like Sarin can be simply described as powerful insecticides and similar compounds are used in the agricultural industry (like Parathion). The line between TIC and CWA often is defined only by how the chemical is utilised.

Terrorist Do Not Have to Follow the Military's Example

The assumption often is that a chemical attack will take place in the form of military-grade chemical agent like Sarin, Soman, etc. …

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