In the palm of your hand: the 'Palm' handle paddle--a swimming revolution.(Advertisement)

These extraordinary new tried and tested hand paddles are set to cause quite a stir in the pools.

The exclusive Palmanta Palm(r)--in collaboration with MSA Galley, are limited to 10,000 pairs worldwide and these are the first models to be available on the British market.

The lightweight, hardwearing and buoyant materials used in the construction of these Palms results in a high quality product, says the company.

A spokesperson told FIRE: "The Palm's unique patented design, ergonomically sculptured for comfort and ease of use, ensure the efficiency of these paddles in any aquatic environment--be it still or fast moving water, for example. The paddles can be used for a variety of uses, such as water rescue, exercise, and training--whether you are a triathlon athlete or just want to build up your arm and shoulder muscles. …

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