Crimean Fire Service benefits from Operation Florian.(Overseas Focus)

The Crimean Fire Service has much in common with the UK Fire and Rescue Service, certainly in terms of risks faced, but is sorely lacking in quality equipment and training. UK firefighters are world leaders in sharing their expertise, time and money with colleagues abroad and initiatives like Operation Florian are the spearhead for these drives.

GUZURF IS LOCATED ON THE southern coastal tip of Crimea with the Black sea in front and a range of mountains reaching over 1,200m to the rear, this is the home of Station N23 of the Crimean Fire Service.

These mountains maintain the good weather that the southern area of Crimea is renowned for, and which sees the 11,000 population rapidly increase during the summer season. Mix in a few twists and sharp turns of the mountain hillside and there is a constant flow of RTAs all summer. The difference from the UK is that we turn out with nice generators and hydraulic power tools, whilst all these guys have is a pair of bolt croppers and a crow bar!

Over 18 months ago Colin Cunliffe visited the station and saw the problem these crews were faced with and duly set wheels in motion with Operation Florian to assist in some way. …

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