Explosions hit the UK: welcome to Disaster City: Disaster City will provide a showcase for the skills and equipment employed by the Fire and Rescue Service, in particular its enhanced specialist capacity for dealing with these types of incidents.(Disaster City)(Cover Story)

This year,s Fire Show from G-Mex, Manchester on November 2-3 will feature a multi-agency major incident exercise carried out by Greater Manchester and Avon fire and rescue services, in response to a series of terrorist attacks on a UK city

A MAJOR BOMB BLAST(S) HAS HIT a UK City Centre. The area of devastation has spread out to the greater city area. Several hundred calls have been received by Fire Control and it is not known whether it is one major bomb or a series of explosions. It is also unclear if there is chemical, radioactive or biological contamination. The scenario featured here focuses on a multi-storey collapse on the periphery of the city.

The demonstration will see fire crews and emergency responders first testing for contamination using chemical suits etc, followed by USAR teams searching for casualties and finally the extrication of casualties and victims. …

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