40 reasons to use Duraline: from Angus fire, the company that invented covered fire hose.(Advertisement Feature)(Advertisement)

Fire hose is perhaps the most important piece of equipment carried on a fire appliance. It is the fire fighter's lifeline. If it fails, your life could be in danger. That's why it's so important to use the best, and don't art fire fighters deserve the best? As the world's first ever covered fire hose, Angus Duraline is the benchmark hose that sets the standard other hose manufacturers have to meet. Many have tried, but none have succeeded. Their imitations look like Duraline, and their names even sound like Duraline. But remember, if it isn't Angus, it can't be Duraline! Here are forty reasons, one for each year since Duraline was introduced, why the original covered fire hose is still the best.

1. Duraline is the only covered fire hose to have passed the test of time. Manufactured for forty years, it has truly delivered on its promises.

2. Duraline features a special high-grade synthetic rubber formulation that is known to only a few people and is a closely guarded secret

3. …

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